Who is Gitesh ?

You have a brilliant Idea to change the world. Agreed. Is the world ready for it?


Who can you talk to?

  • To Listen, Unbiased.
  • To play the Devil's advocate?
  • To bounce the ideas off.
  • To play the customer.
  • To give you a reality check.
  • Strategic support and Coaching.
  • Mentor you to Prioritize


The Idea is great and absolutely what the world needs. What you now need is lots of support.

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • IP/Legal
  • Accounts / Finance
  • VC / Funding
  • Soft Skills / Presentation
  • Social Presence
  • Office / Real Estate / Fit-outs
  • Collaborative Networks

Who is Gitesh ?

Hi. I am Gitesh Agarwal, born on June 20th 1973, and based out of Chennai (Southern India).  I am an Australian of Indian origin.

I am a creative BIG Idea person, who loves strategy formulation and Marketing. I value human form and hence People skills is my constant quest. This enables Network formation, Alliance formation, and conflict resolution.

I have an inborn ability to build appropriate domain knowledge of various industry sectors; and the being open/aware, I remain updated on various environments such as Economic, Political; Social and Demographic; as well as market and regional trends.

I believe in solutions and hence am known for Resourcefulness and optimisation. I like to leverage available strengths to solve any issue.

I like to believe that I am well recognised for my Communication; articulation, Public speaking and Presentation skills. (Awarded: Innovative Marketeer 2016; Promising CMO 2014)

I have had a varied industry experience. My most recent was a short stint from Dec 2016 to Feb 2017 as the Regional Director (Sub-continent) for an Australia enterprise. Prior to that I worked for about 5years at D&M, a Top 100 India brand (group turnover $90 million), in the Workspace solutions industry. I served in the capacity of Group Chief Marketing Officer as well as managed a sub-vertical that I created as CEO.

My longest stint was with the Australian Government for about 9+ years, as a Trade & Investment Advisor of Australian Trade Commission. With Australian Government, advised more than 2000 companies with macro market entry strategies, across multiple sectors ranging from Environment & Clean Technologies; F&B and Agribusiness; Media& Entertainment; Arts & culture; Building & Construction; Infrastructure &Aviation; Education& Tourism; ICT; Retail & Fashion; Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. 300+ successful deals.

One of my earliest large corporate jobs was with the prestigious Taj Group, where I worked for about 5 years in the Sales & Marketing. I got an opportunity to head product, as well be part of the Dream PR Team of the Taj.

Early in my career, I have had short stints as Entrepreneur (Event management) as well as faculty for NIIT.

I have an MBA (International Business) from Australia, a BA in Corporate Secretaryship from University of Madras; a Diploma in Sales & Marketing as well as multiple  certifications in Facilitation, Training and Sales/Marketing.

While I speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanavi, Tamil, I do carry a flair for languages and speak a little bit in more than 30-35 languages, Indian and global.

I am a Reiki healer and Master. I believe in harmony in life, with Mother Earth and the Universe. I strongly advocate that we all have a unique ability to improve the Earth Experience, for us and the world around us.